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Customer reviews by parents of young children

Educational consulting expert Kim Hughes, who founded Conscious Connections in 2011, has received positive reviews by parents of young children. Read on...

  • Transformation in an inclusive preschool

    We have been extraordinarily blessed to have Kim Hughes teach our son in an inclusive preschool where half of the children had an identified physical, social and/or emotional need. Along with her team, Kim was able to transform our son from a child who, at the beginning of the school year, sat with his back to the circle to a student who was actively participating in that same circle by year's end.

    From the first day, Kim calmly and patiently established a sense of safety and security in her classroom. Her ability to address conflict in a loving and empathic way laid the foundation for many friendships and instilled a strong sense of community and accountability among the children in the class. She never let a teachable moment pass, even if doing so was the easy or more convenient thing to do.

    Recently we overheard her say that when she hears another teacher observe that a child is difficult—even unteachable—Kim is the one to reach out to take that child's hand. And then she says, "I want to teach that one."

    John Rinehart and Chris Rinehard, MA, parents of a preschooler
  • Dynamic teaching of effective tools

    Our family worked with Kim Hughes directly when our daughters were students in Project Enlightenment's Demonstration Preschool. Her dynamic teaching for children and adults and her keen focus on what's best for children is unmatched. 

    We also benefited from Kim's instructional leadership when she introduced Conscious Discipline® to our elementary school. That year she trained a large cohort of staff in Conscious Discipline principles and mentored a protege to continue and expand the training to include parents. As Conscious Discipline has become a part of our school culture, I have seen positive changes in adults that help them help children. My husband and I incorporate Conscious Discipline language and practices in our parenting and have been impressed by how effective the tools are for instilling responsibility, self-control, and working at conflict resolution.

    Anne Cooper, parent and former teacher
  • Our son is successful in large part because of Kim

    If you are lucky, once in your child's life a teacher touches their head and their heart leaving a lasting and profound impact. I believe Kim Hughes is that teacher for every student that has been in her classroom.

    Kim is creative in her approach to learning, skilled in the understanding of child social development and emotional development, and gifted in her execution of the principles of Conscious Discipline. She has the rare combination of high energy, passion, depth of knowledge, and the intuitive sense for the individual child.

    Our family met Kim when she taught our son. At a young age, he had already shown many challenging behaviors in the classroom environment. With Kim, he felt supported, safe and understood. As he is now entering middle school, we attribute much of his success in the classroom and our success as parents to the training, skill development and acceptance we discovered in that magical year. Kim Hughes is the role model for what is right in education today!

    Stacey Kohn, parent and founder of Triangle Parent Navigator
  • Teaching a child with special needs

    Kim was my son's preschool teacher. He blossomed under her care as she relied on the principles of Conscious Discipline to support his social, emotional and academic growth in the classroom, the community and at home.

    We were lucky enough to watch Kim in action through several parent education sessions throughout the year. This afforded us the opportunity to carry over the techniques of Conscious Discipline into our own household. We also had several opportunities to practice our Conscious Discipline skills with Kim's gentle guidance while acting as "parent helpers" in her classroom. It was so beneficial to be interacting with the children; negotiating conflict, supporting communication and promoting friendships, all with Kim's resourceful and thoughtful suggestions.

    We are a forever changed family due to our preschool experience with Kim! It allowed us to protect the fragile self-esteem of our child with special needs, while helping him adhere to boundaries, learn self-advocacy skills and empathize with others.

    I also see the potential for the principles of Conscious Discipline to reach far beyond the educational system. As a social worker in a healthcare setting, I believe that educating healthcare professionals and family caregivers about brain states and composure would promote wellness, a greater level of empathy and a higher sense of trust between patients and the medical community.

    Lisa Chambers, LCSW, MA, MSW parent and healthcare social worker
  • An incredible blessing

    I feel so incredibly blessed to have had my daughter, Avrie, at the Demonstration Preschool while Kim Hughes was teaching. I will never, ever be able to accurately express how much she has touched me and my family. Kim is such an inspiration for so many... I'm so glad she will now be reaching an even larger network of folks with Conscious Connections.

    Leigh Pierce, parent and director, Fairmont Parents Morning Out Program
  • More reviews from parent sessions

    "From our very first session I learned so many techniques and strategies for strengthening my parenting.  My favorite techniques learned dealt with literacy support and how to use an assertive, rather than an aggressive voice when parenting. Thanks, Kim!"

    "Kim Hughes has helped me learn so much that I am a better parent after our time together!"

    "A great opportunity with very realistic options, supports and strategies! Thank you!!"

    "Loved Kim’s practical examples and the opportunities to practice the various skills she taught us!"

    "Excellent instructor – great personality and very helpful and knowledgeable!"

    "Enjoy the sessions and learn a lot!"

    "Loved Kim’s flexibility in allowing us to ask questions.  Very interactive sessions!"

    "So many helpful tips and ideas.   Kim shares information in such an amazing way that helps us feel like we can do this!!"

    "Kim’s presentation was both interesting and engaging. I found her specific examples very helpful about how to apply Conscious Discipline® in our home lives."

    "I love Kim’s examples that lead to incredibly meaningful discussions.  She has a great personality and is such fun.  Kim definitely keeps it interesting!  Way to go!!"

    "Great stuff – incredible information presented in a meaningful, interactive fashion!"

    "Lots of concrete ideas and strategies to give my parenting the boost that my kids needed!"

    "Not only is Kim a brilliant presenter, but she is both genuine and kind!"

    "Wow … she knows A LOT! This is one smart lady! I loved learning from her!"

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