Impulse control in toddlers in child care environment

Improving impulse control in children: a free guide for child care providers

Power struggles with children? Toddler temper tantrums and out of control kids? Young children often don’t mean to misbehave; they simply haven’t learned impulse control. Infants, toddlers, and pre-K children have never heard of anger management for kids and have no idea what self regulation is! 

Our free guide will show you:

  • How building impulse control improves child and toddler behavior.

    Increasing impulse control in children also prevents the need for a great deal of child care discipline. If disciplining toddlers and young children is one of the least favorite parts of your job, take heart!
  • A new approach to discipline.

    They're still learning, though, so expect a few bumps along the road. Our guide provides tips on disciplining toddlers and other young children when impulse control fails.
  • Building up self-regulation in toddlers and children as a child caregiver.

    The child care environment can present challenges different from those faced by parents or schools. Our free guide will show you how to guide the young children in your child care center in building self-regulation skills while recruiting parents as your allies.
  • Deal with anger management needs in children.

    Part of impulse control is the ability to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way. Remembering that each child is different, our free guide will show you how to identify and address the root cause of misbehavior.

How to improve impulse control in children: step by step

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Written by Kim Hughes, a Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor (CDCI) and founder of Conscious Connections, our guide includes a printable list of techniques you can use right away in your own child care environment.

More about the author

In addition to her educational consulting and teaching experience, Kim is a former child care director who first fell in love with young children while working in a child care environment. She doubled the size of the first child care center for which she worked and started one of the first community-supported child care centers in the country. She currently facilitates a leadership forum for child care and preschool directors and regularly conducts trainings for child care providers in Raleigh, NC.

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