Educational consulting expert Kim Hughes leads a teacher workshop

Playful Learning: Research-Supported and Effective

Kim’s playful and engaging approach to education reflects her deep, deep knowledge of children, as well as her understanding of how research supports a meaning-centered and systematic approach to learning. Discover how today’s learning standards shape the content of instructional curriculum and how play, work, and learning are inextricably interrelated and necessary for holistic growth and development. This session focuses on using playful learning as a catalyst for students to expand their love of learning, their general knowledge, their ability to get along with others, and their interest in reaching out to the world.

Instructor: Kim Hughes
Location: Your preschool or kindergarten
Date: Your choice

Customize this teacher workshop!

Conscious Connections is one of the few educational consulting firms in the nation to offer fully customized teacher workshops. Tell Kim exactly what you need, and she’ll customize the teacher workshop above to specifically address your school’s culture or goals. She will also bring any teacher workshop to your preschool, elementary school, or child care center.

Likewise, for a custom conference keynote based on this session or to discuss our educational consulting services, please contact us. (Kim also provides coaching and consulting to child care centers, preschools and elementary schools as well as to individual teachers and child caregivers.)

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