Educational consulting expert Kim Hughes leads a teacher workshop

The Ultimate in Bully Prevention

Children must learn that they teach others how to treat them. Teachers should support children in learning how to assertively deal with the intrusive behaviors of others. Conflicts that arise in classrooms offer a rich opportunity to teach children life skills. If teachers (and other adults) can change our perception and understanding of conflict, learning to see conflict as something ascending from a lack of social and emotional skills, we can then use them as teaching opportunities.

This session will transform adult perception of conflict from seeing misbehavior to seeing a call for help. Conferees will be empowered to reframe their negative perceptions about peer to peer struggles and classroom disruptions and use daily classroom conflict as an opportunity to teach students life skills. Accordingly, teachers will be equipped to focus on assertive solutions by teaching both victims to use a self-assured voice and bullies to use effective verbal communication strategies in times of conflict. Imagine walking away from this session with new skills and resources of how to turn classroom conflicts into shared cooperation by using conflicts as an opportunity to teach missing social-emotional skills.

Instructor: Kim Hughes
Location: Your preschool or elementary school
Date: Your choice

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