Educational consulting expert Kim Hughes leads a teacher workshop

Building a School Family™ with Conscious Discipline®

Current research and common sense tell us that a positive school climate enhances the teacher’s ability to teach and the children’s ability to learn. School climate is such a powerful force that it impacts all achievement. It can foster bullying, blame, exclusionary cliques and struggle, or it can build cooperation, willingness, responsibility and success.

The School Family is a metaphor for creating positive school cultures based on current research about healthy families and optimal brain development. By practically applying concepts learned in these two areas of research, we can create a positive school culture that supports the social and emotional competence of both teachers and children.

The School Family integrates social emotional learning into the daily lives of teachers and children through routines, rituals and classroom structures that use life itself as the lesson. NO additional curriculum is needed for social skills learning, emotional intelligence, character education or violence prevention. Learning these skills is embedded in the day-to-day operation of and events in the classroom. The School Family is the heart of your classroom management system, a new system that empowers teachers and children to reclaim safety, joy, helpfulness and caring as the foundation for educational success. Walk away with renewed excitement for how to help yourself and these children build connections that lead to more cooperation in your classroom and beyond.

Instructor: Kim Hughes
Location: Your preschool or elementary school
Date: Your choice

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Conscious Connections is one of the few educational consulting firms in the nation to offer fully customized teacher workshops. Tell Kim exactly what you need, and she’ll customize the teacher workshop above to specifically address your school’s culture or goals. She will also bring any teacher workshop to your preschool, elementary school, or child care center.

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